Party On!

Pride 2017

As promised, photo’s of me at Welsh Pride 2017. Was hoping for a few more but they haven’t turned up yet. I had a really good time, even if access wasn’t as expected on the day, and as you can see I met some excellent people. Cardiff Met Police actually supported Pride this year with an amazing turn out. Just wish I could have stayed out longer.

This Friday’s show was a bit of a party, as the school holidays end and parents can have a well earned break. Artists and bands I’d like to introduce you to this week include; Heavy Pulse, Steez, Sonic Boom Six, Hands Off Gretel, Bobaflex, Eve to Adam, Refused, Suffocation, and Fenix Tales. Most are on Twitter if not that other place, check them out and enjoy!

Catch you all next Friday for another Furielicious show!

Party On!

Welsh Pride Special

Pride Twitter header

I’m sure you all enjoyed my ‘Welsh Pride Special’ on Friday, and a very Happy Birthday to Steve for last week.

As some of you know I took part in the Parade this weekend, hence why my blog is a little late. Continuing from last weeks show, which was about a few series I’m enjoying at the moment, the answers are ‘Killjoy’, ‘Wynonna Earp’, and ‘Shadow Hunter’s’. Congratulations to Magic who guessed ‘Killjoys’, there’s a little something in the post for you. A little runners up prize goes to Beth for the closest guesses, something in the post for you too.

For this week let me draw your attention to some bands/artists new to CrowZone Radio; Ace, Pacific (Played Pride Cardiff), Within Temptation, Behind The Fallen, Skyfire and Zornheym. Check them out online and don’t forget to get your requests in on time.

Next week I’ll post some pictures of me during the Parade, along with another Furielicious show! Catch you then Zoner’s!

Welsh Pride Special

Fall’s A’coming!


Greetings Zoner’s!

Yes, there was no blog last week. I had hospital visits and run out of spoons for that week, you know what I mean.

For those of you who listening in, I want you to take away the remarkable talent that is Dr Scythe. There will be more from him in the future and if you can’t wait, here’s his URL;

Check him out, oh and tell him I sent you lol!

We also had a bunch of Birthdays last week and a Wedding Anniversary, I know everyone had a marvellous time and congratulations to all of you. Yes, I take requests, if you get them in on time.

This week I’m sharing the music from some of my favourite series with you. Extra points if you can guess which three they are, answers on Chatwing please! I’ll let you know in next weeks blog, and name the lucky winner! There may even be a prize…

Catch you later you lucky Zoner’s!

Fall’s A’coming!

School’s Out!

For some this is a fun time of year, for others it’s extra stress. Thus this weeks show is a mix of fun, bouncing tracks and tracks you can de-stress to. And if it goes on the replays you can play it again anytime things get hectic over the summer lol.

Last week’s theme was a mixed bag, 1920’s meets summertime beats, and I’m sure you all enjoyed the show. As for the person in the picture, that was Demon Boy! You can hear my interview with him here;

Catch you all later for another Furielicious show!

School’s Out!

Exciting times!

3avPScC7.jpg large

Did you guess the theme for last weeks show?! Yes, it was my take on Zombies, though I’m more of a Vampire girl lol.

Exciting things have been happening this week, I was interviewed by Michael Aronovitz of ‘Metal Heads Forever’ magazine – more about that nearer the time, which I’m told will be September’s issue. If you want to see his comments on my show check out @michaelaronovi2.

Tonight’s show has a mixed theme, answers on Chatwing as usual, and a few bands/artists new to The Midnight Hour. Thank you to everyone who’s sent me links to their music on Twitter, much appreciated. I do try to play as much as I can, there is just so much to choose from!

Extra points if you can guess who’s in the photo with me! Catch you later ‘Zoner’s.

Exciting times!

Rocking good tunes!

Bit of an update on my show last week, 14th July 2017. I played 3 new releases from bands I’ve previously played on the show and they’re all Furielicious! I don’t get much time on the show to tell you more about the amazing bands and artists I play so I’d like to share a little with you about those three bands.

First is Partisan, a Manchester based rock band formed in early 2013. Not to be confused with other bands/artists of the same name, the band members are Stuart, Dan and Leo. Their latest single ‘Too Late’ aired on my show last week and is definately a keeper. More here;

Next up is Follow No One. The band consists of Pedro (Portugal) and Rich (USA), wowing us once again with their latest single ‘The Greatest Sin’. More here;

And last, but by no means least, Dark Sky Park. Sheffield, 3-piece female fronted rock band, their latest single ‘Follow Me’ has dark, Gothic melodic vocal overtones to a pounding rock beat. More here;

If you’re building a playlist of top tracks for 2017, those three should be in it!

I’ve got a special theme for you all tonight so listen in and see if you can guess it. Answers on Chatwing or a 5 pound note, whatever comes to hand first lol

Rocking good tunes!

The Midnight Hour 2 year Anniversary!

Officially the anniversary of my show falls on 28th June but for various reasons, ‘accidentally’ getting cut of from the internet, having to do a totally pre-recorded show because I couldn’t be online, dashing over the other side of the city to my mates to upload the show, my anniversary show was broadcast on 7th July 2017.

Finally I’m back online, no thanks to my ISP who put me in that pickle and shall remain nameless. Talk about a communications giant that can’t communicate. Now I’m going into my 3rd year with CrowZone Radio!

I’ve got a lot of ‘Thank You’s’ so I’ll try and keep it brief. Thank you to my 2K plus followers on Twitter, you’re Furielicious! Thanks to everyone at CrowZone Radio, and my producer Diboz, for the support and guidance and generally putting up with me for 2 years lol And last but by no means least, a massive thank you to all the bands and artist who agreed to be interviewed by me, I love you all!

What are the plan’s for this year? Well, maybe a tweak or two with the show itself, and definitely more interviews. I’ve already got some bands and artists lined up. No peeking now, you’ll have to keep checking back if you want to find out more!

Be kind to each other, whatever you’re doing and catch you all next week.


The Midnight Hour 2 year Anniversary!