What’s on your ipod returns!

Now we have a cosy new studio it’s time to rejuvenate “What’s on your Ipod” – where a listener is invited into the studio to share their 10 top tracks. Imagine you’ve been marooned on a far off island with only 10 songs on a playlist…what would they be? It’s a novel idea for a show I’m sure you’d agree!

Over a year in the making, the next WOYI features a pretty Prog Heavy selection from Anthony Pugh, who won the slot in a raffle at a CrowZone Radio Quiz night in 2018! Agile we ain’t!

Anthony will be joining us live in the studio on Thursday Feb 6th for the Howe-Bizarre WOYI and we really hope you’ll be able to listen in and chat along on our chatroll app.

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What's on your IPOD

What’s on your ipod returns!