Jan2020–New Shows on CrowZone Radio

Sunday Brunch Party – Sun 10am-1pm

Every Sunday morning (oddly enough) from 10am – 1pm GMT, join Ian Wilson for three hours of great Sunday morning music. A great way to get ready for your Sunday lunch. test your musical skills with “Brunchers Backwards ” , enjoy “Brunchers Best” – 5 classic tracks from a CrowZone listener, squirm with “CrowZone Cronies Cringer”!!

Norman Exposure – 28th Jan then every 4th Tues, 9-10pm

Bill Norman re-joins the CrowZone family from Tues 28th Jan with a brand new monthly show “Norman Exposure” – I really hope he keeps his clothes on…but thankfully this is radio, so who knows! Norman exposure will air (oo-er) every 4th Tuesday at 9pm.

As always there’s lots of great shows presented by truly passionate DJs every evening on CrowZone – check out the “What’s on” section on our homepage to see the listing (you can scroll up and down to other days), and our robot DJ plays awesome music for you all day. Drop in anytime and you won’t be disappointed.

Steve (CZR)


Jan2020–New Shows on CrowZone Radio