Rocking good tunes!

Bit of an update on my show last week, 14th July 2017. I played 3 new releases from bands I’ve previously played on the show and they’re all Furielicious! I don’t get much time on the show to tell you more about the amazing bands and artists I play so I’d like to share a little with you about those three bands.

First is Partisan, a Manchester based rock band formed in early 2013. Not to be confused with other bands/artists of the same name, the band members are Stuart, Dan and Leo. Their latest single ‘Too Late’ aired on my show last week and is definately a keeper. More here;

Next up is Follow No One. The band consists of Pedro (Portugal) and Rich (USA), wowing us once again with their latest single ‘The Greatest Sin’. More here;

And last, but by no means least, Dark Sky Park. Sheffield, 3-piece female fronted rock band, their latest single ‘Follow Me’ has dark, Gothic melodic vocal overtones to a pounding rock beat. More here;

If you’re building a playlist of top tracks for 2017, those three should be in it!

I’ve got a special theme for you all tonight so listen in and see if you can guess it. Answers on Chatwing or a 5 pound note, whatever comes to hand first lol

Rocking good tunes!

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