The Midnight Hour 2 year Anniversary!

Officially the anniversary of my show falls on 28th June but for various reasons, ‘accidentally’ getting cut of from the internet, having to do a totally pre-recorded show because I couldn’t be online, dashing over the other side of the city to my mates to upload the show, my anniversary show was broadcast on 7th July 2017.

Finally I’m back online, no thanks to my ISP who put me in that pickle and shall remain nameless. Talk about a communications giant that can’t communicate. Now I’m going into my 3rd year with CrowZone Radio!

I’ve got a lot of ‘Thank You’s’ so I’ll try and keep it brief. Thank you to my 2K plus followers on Twitter, you’re Furielicious! Thanks to everyone at CrowZone Radio, and my producer Diboz, for the support and guidance and generally putting up with me for 2 years lol And last but by no means least, a massive thank you to all the bands and artist who agreed to be interviewed by me, I love you all!

What are the plan’s for this year? Well, maybe a tweak or two with the show itself, and definitely more interviews. I’ve already got some bands and artists lined up. No peeking now, you’ll have to keep checking back if you want to find out more!

Be kind to each other, whatever you’re doing and catch you all next week.


The Midnight Hour 2 year Anniversary!

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