Rock Week

Six shows down and four to go plus a ‘Ladies Who Do Jazz’ special on Sunday – it’s been a heck of a week!  Every presenter has put a rock show together, but so far we haven”t had a song repeated – there’s just so much great music out there!  I’ve discovered some amazing new tracks (some of which were hiding away in our own library) as well as a new found love for Elastica and The Pretty Reckless.

The second half of Matt James’ show about the rock songs that have influenced his life is on at 7pm tonight, when he will bring us right up to date.  He’s followed by Steve Howe’s Rock Bazaar, which will be an eclectic mix of music and is bound to be fun.   It should be a great night!


Rock Week

2 thoughts on “Rock Week

  1. Here’s hoping – So much music and so little time. I’m still honing the playlist and having learnt that J.Geils died this week I’m listing to loads of their early stuff (pre-Centerfold) and there’s some great stuff.


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