Smudge’s Christmas Post

Smudge 2Welcome to my Christmas Blog.

It’s been awhile since I’ve sat down and written a blog, so what, I hear you ask, brings me to write one now?

Well, one reason is to thank all the listeners to CrowZone Radio for their continued support, knowing you tune in on a regular basis makes the reason we present shows worthwhile. Thank You all for being there.

My second reason is to publicise a special show on Monday 2nd January 2017, I am taking over the airwaves of CrowZone Radio from 10am all through the day till 10pm, a 12 hour “Non-repeat” artist Music Marathon.

I am raising money for Alzheimer’s Society, a great organisation.

I will be telling a few really awful jokes and will be setting a few pop questions for you to think about, but generally speaking nothing too serious, a bit of fun raising money for a good cause.

I am taking requests and dedications now via

I have set up a “Just Giving” page – so please feel free to make a donation – all donations gratefully received.

Once again thanks for supporting CrowZone Radio – looking forward to your company at some point (if not all day) on 2nd January 2017


Smudge’s Christmas Post