Why I love Crowzone Radio

This may end up being a theme, because to be honest there are so many reasons I love CrowZone Radio. There are times when I’m sitting uploading, downloading, editing recording etc late at night that I wonder why we started this thing, but those times are far out weighed by the times when I sit and think ”Wow I’m glad we started this!”.

Today, Sunday morning, is one of those times and I wanted to share it with you.

Last night we were invited to a big birthday party for Radio Book Club regular, Andrea. Andrea provided the music, we provided the PA, it was huge fun.  During the party I was sat with Charlie A. who told me he has CrowZone on his radio  alarm clock and wakes up to our radio every morning. Awesome.

Image result for The Cheese String incident

He then went on to tell me about a band he has been listening to, called “The Cheese String Incident”. Now I must admit I had my doubts, I often suspect comical band names as a bad sign, but I have to say I love this band! Thank you Charlie A.

This has happened so many times since starting CrowZone Radio, and I say “keep it coming”.


Better still – Keep it CrowZone!


(The Cheese string Incident will feature this Thursday on Howe Bizarre.)

Why I love Crowzone Radio

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