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Welcome along to Blog #2

In last month’s blog I talked about my beginnings with CrowZone Radio, this month I thought I would talk about my interest in music.

I have an open mind when it comes to my choice in music now I will listen to all types of music and not always like or enjoy what I hear but I will give it a listen, perhaps in my younger days I would not have been so open minded and would dismiss a band or artist simply because they were part of a genre of music I did not know or told myself I did not like.

I first became interested in music in the early sixties, the sound of Radio Caroline and Radio Luxembourg was exciting and I suppose to a lad of 9 the thought of listening to a pirate radio station added to the excitement.  I could picture the DJ sitting on a boat in the middle of the North Sea playing the music and having a good time. Whether I decided then that I want to become a DJ I am not sure but I do remember a friend and I would practice being a DJ, we would put the needle on to the record on the turntable and try to say something about the record over the introduction to the song before the singer would start, we did manage it every so often.  As a teenager the Youth Club Disco was the place to go and I often went to watch the DJ and listen to the music rather than dance. Then when I started work my tastes in music broadened, I met Dave Norrie and began listening to rock music, bands like The Who, Yes, Led Zeppelin and Genesis moving in and The Searchers, Mary Hopkin and Simon and Garfunkel moving out or being relegated to the “back of the box.”  I then started going to see bands live at the City Hall in Newcastle, which again was quite an experience Deep Purple, Led Zeppelin and The Moody Blues to name but three.

During the Eighties bringing up a family, priorities change and my interests in music, I think, stayed with the sixties and seventies, bands I grew up with were starting to celebrate twenty years in the business and were building up quite a good back catalogue of material and still writing and producing new music.  New bands were appearing and some I noticed more than others, perhaps U2 being an example of one that I noticed.

I was given the nick name “Smudge” at school and that has stuck with me ever since and that it why I still use it, some of my newer friends in radio only know me as Smudge. It’s a great name for a radio presenter don’t you think?

More about Smudge

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