CrowFest (Liz)

It was one of those times when everything just seemed to come together.  Once we discovered the Old Road Tavern’s performance space, CrowFest started to become a reality.  Lindsey, the landlord was all for it and offered to play with his band, Dirty 6.  Our neighbour, Amie K, was keen to perform and her dad, Danny, is a brilliant sound engineer.  Add in the equipment from the Old Road, and Ben their sound guy, and CrowFest was taking shape fast.

Steve’s band, Jellied Reels, were available to play, as was Grace Goodman, who is one of our contacts via Kennet Radio.  The line up was completed with our friend Adrian’s band, Five Wheel Drive.  A lively Facebook campaign produced a great audience, and the final touch was band photographer, Charlie Koncher, whose atmospheric pictures are now featured on the CrowZone website.  Charlie is the brother of Amazing Archie, whose tireless twitter campaign has brought lots of new followers to the CrowZone.

The event also gave Smudge, our far flung DJ from Studio 2, a good excuse to check out Studio 1, and it was lovely to meet him at last and discover that we share a sense of humour as well as great taste in music.  Unfortunately, he discovered rather too late that we are a bit shorter than him, and have dangerously low door frames.

It was a fantastic night, and I’m sure it won’t be our last Festival.  Note to self: ridiculously high heels really hurt after the first five hours of dancing!

CrowFest (Liz)

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