CrowFest Revisited (Smudge)

Well that’s the first ever CrowFest over and now it’s time to reflect on events.

Let’s start with Friday, the actual birthday itself.

I arrived in the CrowZone on time and was met at the station by Mrs. HoweBizarre and whisked off for cream tea at the village school to meet all the ladies from The Radio Book Club.

Friday Night – the three handed show!

Next stop, the CrowsNest and Studio1 for a live show. A station first with all the presenters in one studio and a live unrehearsed two hour show; what could go wrong?

Actually nothing went wrong, well at least that’s the official story! It was a great show and we all enjoyed it, the usual great mix of music which regular listeners expect from CrowZone Radio, and of course, some unrehearsed chat. “What a team”.

After the show it was off to the local pub “The Hit and Miss” – nothing to do with music,  cricket actually.

Saturday – CrowFest

In true rock and roll tradition bed after midnight and up for breakfast at eight o’clock. After breakfast back to the CrowsNest for a team meeting and a chance for me to record some new station idents (jingles) then off for some pre-show food and another team chat across the dinner table, after lunch it’s off to the Old Road Tavern, the venue for the CrowFest.

When we get there Danny our sound engineer from Phoenix Sounds and Ben are already there setting up the recording equipment and the sound system for the evenings event.

We leave Steve behind to help and Liz and I have a trip around Chippenham and I get the chance of a photo opportunity with a lady from the local charity shop, a true “celebrity” moment. Then a quick coffee and back to the venue, the Jellied Reels arrive and the first sound check begins, this is really about to happen…CrowFest is a reality.

The sound check is ok so a quick pint before we get the show started. It’s now about 6:30 and the audience is starting to arrive. 7pm and off we go Steve gets up on the stage and welcomes everyone to the event and introduces our first act Amie K, we are off and running. After a great start from Amie, I am up on stage to thank her and introduce the next band which is Jellied Reels, a great set from them and then Mrs HoweBizarre is up on stage to introduce our next act which is Grace Goodmam, the event is going very well the hall is full, Team CrowZone are now all grinning from ear to ear, Charlie Koncher our photographer is busy taking photographs for us, we are buzzing.  Grace completes her performance and it’s my turn to get up and play MC, a big thank you to Grace and I now introduce the house band, Dirty 6, the room is rocking, every one is having a good time.

Gosh! it’s almost 10 o’clock. Before I know it Steve is back up on stage and the audience are being introduced to our last act; 5 Wheel Drive. Off they start,  rocking the house down. All good things have to end at some stage and sadly four and a half hours later the first birthday party for CrowZone Radio, the CrowFest, is all over, a great night was had by all.

To Lindsey, the landlord of The Old Road Tavern for providing such a welcoming and perfect venue, to Amie K, Jellied Reels, Grace Goodman, Dirty 6 and 5 Wheel Drive for some great music, to Danny and Ben our sound engineers, to Phoenix Sounds for recording it all, to Charlie Koncher our photographer, and finally to you the audience for your support. We at CrowZone Radio say a big thank you to all. Thanks everyone.

“Have you ever been in that situation where you lost your keys and lost your phone?”

So back to the hotel another after midnight bed time, and sleep, but before that, a moment of panic sets in, where is my mobile?  I had it in the car, I must have left it in the car, not much I can do now, will check in the morning. Sunday morning and another check, no mobile, I ask at the reception desk, on the way to breakfast, no mobile phone handed in, “it will be in the car”

Breakfast over and Steve picks me up.The mobile is not in the car! Quick check round the hotel again, definitely one missing phone. So back to the CrowsNest and a chance to phone my phone company report my phone missing – Steve goes out to empty his gear from the car (did I say he plays in Jellied Reels?), while I set about reporting lost phone.  Just at the moment I am talking about blocking the phone, Steve walks in with my mobile phone (he thought he would double check my camera bag for me) – no comment – I was immediately awarded the “Richard of the day” award. What a relief. – you will no doubt be hearing the story of my phone for a few weeks to come.

Now a quick visit to Phoenix Sounds and a look around.

Then a short walk around the village for some fresh air and it’s time to leave the CrowsNest, head for the station for my journey home.

My visit to the CrowsNest, the home of CrowZone Radio, our first birthday party celebrations have been great I have had a CrowTastic time!

I am  looking forward to many more years with CrowZone Radio, the venue for our second birthday party has already been booked The Old Road Tavern, Chippenham, exact date and time to be arranged. Stay tuned

CrowFest Revisited (Smudge)

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