CrowFest – May 2nd 2015

If you’ve been following our live shows on CrowZone Radio you’re probably aware we’re closing in on our first anniversary. Who’d of thought we’d last this long? Well we did to be honest…we really think CrowZone Radio has got legs as they say.

Grand Designs

It’s probably true to say we have ideas above our station (we are the small station with big ideas and great music).  Maybe we should change that the Small station with big ideas and no budget LOL.

We thought we’d like to mark the event in some way, and it seemed fitting that we should run a music festival…and so CrowFest was born.

Originally we planned a two day event with bands playing throughout and we set about finding a venue to suit. We were incredibly lucky to stumble upon “The Old Road Tavern” and Lindsey the manager has been so supportive. The Old Road has played host to many celebrated names including the band “Dodgy” and also comedian Russell Howard (pictured here)

Russell Howard at The Old Road

Good sense prevailed and we decided to bite off what we could chew, moving to a Saturday evening party style gig and set about finding bands that we thought you would like to hear.

Jellied Reels

Ok, so this is the band I play with… a good old stompy rock n reel band, mixing traditional English dance tunes with popular rock and roll classics. We’ve been together for over 20 years playing barn dances and ceilidhs all around the South West.

Grace Goodman

I met up with Grace while I was working with Kennet Radio and she sent me a couple of tracks to play on my shows. Grace is a very talented young singer / songwriter and we’ve been playing her music (and encouraging her to record more for us!) ever since.

Dirty 6

Lindsey, the manager of the Old Road, also plays keyboards for Dirty 6. They’ve recently released an EP which we’ve featured on CrowZone Radio and we’re really looking forward to seeing them live

Amie K

We’ve known Amie for many years now and watched her develop as an artist. She has performed at the Scarecrow Festival soundstage which prompted us to start CrowZone Radio in the first place.

5 Wheel Drive

We’re so blessed to be surrounded by fantastic talent in the CrowZone area, and one of our first “What’s on your iPod” featured Mr. Adrian Beeby who has recently joined 5 Wheel Drive. After seeing Adrian perform as part of Yellerbelly at last year’s Scarecrow festival, I know we’re in for a treat.

And so the stage is set, we have bands, we have a venue, we have a sound system (I’m starting to sound like Precious from “Come Fly with me”!), all we need now is an audience…”praise the Lord” there you are!

Best of all, it’s a free gig…our way of saying Thanks for your support in our first year.

Tee shirt
It wouldn’t be a Festival without some Merch!
CrowFest – May 2nd 2015

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