Smudge on CrowZone Radio – New beginnings

Hi my name is Smudge and I joined CrowZone Radio as a presenter on 8th September 2014, and now seven months later it is time to write my first blog.

I broadcast from CrowZone Radio’s Studio 2 which is located in the town of Blyth on the North-East coast about 7miles from Whitley Bay and 17 miles away from the City of Newcastle upon Tyne.

About my showSmudge

Every Monday night live between 7 and 9 pm (uk) I present two hours of music from my archive, music from the 50’s right through to the present date.  Classic tracks from the past as well as music from modern day artists.  Each week I play a long track usually from a classic 70’s rock album, I have a 3-in-a-row feature where I play 3 tracks together, these tracks could have a connection or could be a listeners request, their 3 favourite tracks, and I also have a feature which I call “Gosh! I haven’t heard that in ages”, a song which when you hear it, you think “Gosh! I haven’t heard that in ages”

Joining up

I first started listening to CrowZone Radio in June 2014, and one Thursday night I was having a private chat with Steve during his “Howe Bizzare” show and I passed the comment that what he was doing sounded like fun and I wished I could do something similar. He replied saying that with modern technology it was possible to broadcast via computers using the internet.

So for the next couple of months I did my homework, setting up a small studio at home. Steve and I would have regular video conferences where he would guide me through the workings of the broadcasting software we use. I made a test broadcast live to make sure that systems were working correctly and I prepared a few pilot shows. All the homework must have paid off and I passed the test because in August Steve invited me to join the team and we prepared for my first broadcast on 8th September.

During September and October my education continued,  I would broadcast a show live and Steve would be offering advice behind the scenes on technical adjustments, in fact I am still learning.

If you would like to join our team, you can find you more details via our website at


In the weeks leading up to Halloween we decided that CrowZone Radio should have a Halloween Special night. I kicked off the party from Studio 2 and Steve and Liz  continued live from the “CrowsNest”.  However this meant that I would have to record my section of the show and send it down for broadcasting. This was something new for me, so I had to learn the techniques of recording a show, again Steve was around via the video conference to guide me through it.  The show was recorded and Halloween Night on CrowZone Radio was a success (you can probably still hear it on our replay page)

On Good Friday I presented a live “Christmas Disco” – why a Christmas Disco in April you may ask – well the simple answer is “in seemed like a good idea at the time!”
The show was planned for three hours but ended up running for three and a half, I had fun and I know the audience did because during the show I was able to take live requests via the chatWing and play the chosen song.

Jazz Hour (nice)

I am quite a fan of all types of music but I have always enjoyed the sound of jazz, so when I suggested that CrowZone Radio should maybe do an hour of jazz on a Sunday afternoon, the answer I received was would I like to do it live or recorded?
I opted to record the show, so during the week I settle down in Studio 2 with a nice cup of coffee and compile the show, and record it ready for broadcasting  on a Sunday between 2 and 3 pm (uk), straight after the station’s Classical Hour, a great way to spend a Sunday afternoon, even if I do say so.

Themed shows

I like the idea of being able to divert from the usual format of my Monday show and bring the listener something different, in the way of a themed night.

One Monday night I played tunes from the movies with a large selection being James Bond themes, another week I chose 1975, all the music that night was from 1975, Easter Monday CrowZone Radio went back in time to the sixties. – Who knows where our journey will take us in the months ahead?

Broadcasting with CrowZone Radio is great fun and I hope my enthusiasm comes across in my shows.


I welcome any comments about my show and look forward to receiving your requests and dedications via our website – – or as a response to this blog.

Smudge on CrowZone Radio – New beginnings

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