Eurovision Special–Fri 21 May at 8pm UK

Ok, so we’ve not been invited to cover EuroVision AGAIN, but are we downhearted? No sir.

On Friday 21st May at 8pm UK we will be previewing the contest and talking about the phenomena that is EuroVision with our good friend (and second only to Graham Norton in Euro knowledge) Mr. Greg Ayliffe, seen here hosting a spectacular EuroVision party a few years ago.


We hope you’ll be able to join us, even if you don’t like the actual competition you might find some little nuggets here.


Eurovision Special–Fri 21 May at 8pm UK

All change….

Hi – we’re making a few schedule changes this week at CrowZone Radio:


Tuesdays at 7–8pm “The Pop Show” with Ben C

Showcasing the broadcasting talents of one of our younger residents in Kington CrowZone, Ben C is still at secondary school (and will help bring down the average age of the CrowZone presenter staff!). Ben will be presenting a new show for CrowZone, “The Pop Show” featuring the latest and greatest pop tunes around.

Fridays from 7-8pm in July/August – “This is Pop” with Bill Norman

A new series of pop shows from Bill for the summer holidays

Fridays 8-11pm “The 70s Hangover” with DJ Perfunktory

A broader look at the 70s with our own Funk Meister, DJP (moving from Wed 5-8pm)

Where’s Wilson?

Wilson will be away on vacation through August so there will be on Breakfast Show or Sunday Brunch shows during August.

Mark up your diaries and we’ll see you in the CrowZone for these exciting new shows.

All change….

CrowZone Radio Lockdown Quiz–March 31st 9pm

Lockdown Quiz 1The world famous (well…) CrowZone Radio Music quiz goes online  as we’re all locked inside for a while!

Tune in to CrowZone Radio on Tuesday 31st March, after listening to Dave Norrie’s FolkZone you can pit your musical wits against other CrowZoners in our first ever lockdown quiz.

5 rounds of 10 questions (3 rounds of music clips and 2 rounds of questions) should keep us busy for an hour or so. We’ve created answers forms online so we can collate all the entries, how will you do on the leaderboard?

Please tell your friends and family – we can pass messages and play dedications between the rounds to help bridge the distances (and CrowZone can be heard all around the world!).

Check our website for more details and register your team name –

CrowZone Radio Lockdown Quiz–March 31st 9pm

The Discovery Zone

One of the great pleasures of presenting my Wednesday evening show is discovering great new music.  This week, I have been listening to ‘Everything Else has Gone Wrong’, the new album from Bombay Bicycle Club.  They have been pretty quiet since their last album release in 2014, but they have come back strongly with some great tunes, including the title track, and ‘Eat, Sleep, Wake (Nothing But You), which was one of my favourite tunes of 2019.  You’ll probably know Bombay Bicycle Club from their huge 2009 hit ‘Always Like This’ – give them another listen, you won’t be disappointed!  Even better, tune into The Discovery Zone on Wednesdays from 8-10 pm UK time – they will be my featured album for February!

The Discovery Zone

What’s on your ipod returns!

Now we have a cosy new studio it’s time to rejuvenate “What’s on your Ipod” – where a listener is invited into the studio to share their 10 top tracks. Imagine you’ve been marooned on a far off island with only 10 songs on a playlist…what would they be? It’s a novel idea for a show I’m sure you’d agree!

Over a year in the making, the next WOYI features a pretty Prog Heavy selection from Anthony Pugh, who won the slot in a raffle at a CrowZone Radio Quiz night in 2018! Agile we ain’t!

Anthony will be joining us live in the studio on Thursday Feb 6th for the Howe-Bizarre WOYI and we really hope you’ll be able to listen in and chat along on our chatroll app.

Please feel free to share this xx

What's on your IPOD

What’s on your ipod returns!

Jan2020–New Shows on CrowZone Radio

Sunday Brunch Party – Sun 10am-1pm

Every Sunday morning (oddly enough) from 10am – 1pm GMT, join Ian Wilson for three hours of great Sunday morning music. A great way to get ready for your Sunday lunch. test your musical skills with “Brunchers Backwards ” , enjoy “Brunchers Best” – 5 classic tracks from a CrowZone listener, squirm with “CrowZone Cronies Cringer”!!

Norman Exposure – 28th Jan then every 4th Tues, 9-10pm

Bill Norman re-joins the CrowZone family from Tues 28th Jan with a brand new monthly show “Norman Exposure” – I really hope he keeps his clothes on…but thankfully this is radio, so who knows! Norman exposure will air (oo-er) every 4th Tuesday at 9pm.

As always there’s lots of great shows presented by truly passionate DJs every evening on CrowZone – check out the “What’s on” section on our homepage to see the listing (you can scroll up and down to other days), and our robot DJ plays awesome music for you all day. Drop in anytime and you won’t be disappointed.

Steve (CZR)

Jan2020–New Shows on CrowZone Radio

CrowZone Quiz night raises over £600!

We’ve been supporting our local primary school for a few years now with a “Jukebox Music quiz” based on the extensive library we’re building as we go along.

This year (we think our 5th, but not sure) was a great success raising over £600 which helps funds the First Access Violin programme at the school. Providing access to violins and lessons for all students that want to take part.

We can’t take all the credit though – the school PTA organises all the food and bar and makes it such a pleasure to be part of.

CrowZone Quiz night raises over £600!

Yuletide Blessings and a very Merry Solstice!


As many of you know I don’t celebrate Christmas thus I’m providing the alternative to Xmas jingles this festive season on CrowZone Radio.

For my Winter Solstice Special I introduced you to Pagan Pop from Karina Skye with ’13 Days of Solstice’; dirty dubstep from Wabbo with ‘Solstice’; a brand new unreleased rock track from Ravenscroft called ‘My Dearest One’ – I want to thank Ravenscroft and Mike for getting that to me.

There was a little metal gem from Christopher Lee called ‘The Little Drummer Boy’, yes that Christopher Lee!; a Winter Faerie Tale from Krampus Parade called ‘The Twilight of Winter Romance’ and a full on party track from Yggdrassil called ‘Yuletide’.

I hope you all have a wonderful Festive Season and don’t forget to join me next week for a Furielicious Pre Hogmanay Metal Special! As usual if you miss the show on Friday and the repeat on Sunday you can access the show on my Mixcloud page as soon as it’s up.


Yuletide Blessings and a very Merry Solstice!

A Furielicious Birthday.

I had a Furielicious Birthday this year and put together a special show for all you Furian’s and Zoner’s. If you want to listen to my Birthday Mix go to

No new tracks, just a selection of my favourite’s. To listen again check out my Mixcloud page on the link above. Thanks to everyone who sent cards and well wishes, you moved my soul.


A Furielicious Birthday.